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Introduction and Welcome 

Keynote Speaker:

Introduction from CSSF

Interview: The role of big data and AI in achieving more accurate measurement of impact and how ESG Square aims to help

Discussion Panel:

SFDR first phase of implementation: where do we stand after 3 months

Keynote Interview:

What is Circular Economy and can we imagine Circular Finance?

Discussion Panel:

Flows of liquidity into sustainable funds: fundamental change or opportunism

Discussion Panel:

Integration of ESG process in asset management activities


ESG and impact investments

Discussion Panel:

Transparency of the integration of sustainability risks by life insurers

Interview: Sustainable finance and climate risks: what are the challenges for an insurer today?

Discussion Panel: Private equity, how to calculate the ESG impact/ ESG reporting

Interview: ESG & Professional Training: the need to adapt throughout a career and regulatory changes

Closing Speech

#FFF21 Morning Session PHOTOS


#FFF21 Charity Lunch


#FFF21 Afternoon Session

Presentation of University of Luxembourg Incubator and Entrepreneurship Programme

Visibility STEM Africa (VSA)

Food 4 ALL

Intangible World Heritage Organization