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Event Agenda

  8:00 AM
  8:30 AM


  8:30 AM
8:40 AM

Introduction and Welcome
Marco Caldana, Chairman and Founder FARAD Group
Daniel Capocci, FARAD Group General Manager

8:40 AM
9:00 AM

Keynote Speaker
Pierre Gramegna, Former Minister of Finance

Asset Management, Investment Funds, Investors and Taxonomy

9:05 AM
9:15 AM

Interview: The challenges of ESG: Profitability, Ideology and Expectations
David Schrieberg, CEO and Co-Founder, Vitalbriefing interviews
Aj Singh, Executive Director - Sustainable Investment Strategy, Quintet Private Bank

 9:20 AM
9:40 AM

Discussion Panel: Sustainability Reporting - What is the need within the industry and what are the best practices? 
Moderator: Gianluca D'Alessio, Head of Portfolio Management, FARAD I.M.
Ita Demyttenaere, Director - Client relations, Morningstar - Sustainalytics
Jean Elia, Chief Executive Officer, Sogelife
Francesca Messini, Sustainability Leader, Deloitte

 9:45 AM
9:55 AM

Interview: Trends in sustainable Financing
Emanuele Vignoli, Chief Executive Officer, HSBC Luxembourg interviews
Alan Duffy, Managing Director - Head of Sustainable Finance Europe, HSBC Commercial Banking

10:00 AM
10:20 AM

Discussion Panel: Investors - How investors shifting lifestyles influence sustainable investments 
Moderator: Annemarie Arens, Independent Director 
Thomas Klein, Managing Director, Head of Asset Servicing Europe, Quintet Private Bank
Alice Tharaud, SRI Strategist Associate, Banque de Luxembourg Investments
Juliette Atterte, Sustainable Development Student

10:25 AM
10:45 AM

Discussion Panel: Taxonomy - What will it change and how to practically avoid Green washing?
Moderator: Marcus Peter, Marcus Peter, Partner, GSK Stockmann
Serge Weyland, Chief Executive Officer, Edmond de Rothschild Asset Management
Antoine Bonte, Business Development and Implementation Director, Langham Hall
Sandra Crowl, Stewardship Director, Carmignac Risk Managers

10:45 AM
11:10 AM


11:10 AM
11:20 AM
11:25 AM
11:45 AM
11:50 AM
12:00 PM
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12:40 PM
12:45 PM

Infrastructure, Alternative Investments and RRP

Speech: NFT and Cryptocurrencies and how this can impact the future of charity work
Warrick Saunders, Head of Marketing and fundraising, Médecins Sans Frontières

Discussion Panel: Alternative Investments - ESG in Alternative Investments beyond the challenge, the opportunities
Moderator: Julie Castiaux, Associate Partner - Sustainability Lead, KPMG 
Fabrice Jeusette, Managing director, Apollo global management
John Jones, Portfolio Management and Fund Operations, Genesta Nordic Capital
Lada Strelnikova, manager of the European Energy Efficiency Fund, DWS Luxembourg

Interview: ESG as means for business growth 
Marcus Peter, Partner, GSK Stockmann interviews 
Jürgen Bösken, Senior Business Development Manager, Banque Internationale à Luxembourg 

Discussion Panel: Infrastructure and R-ecovery and R-esilience P-lan, where lies the opportunity
Moderator: Tom Pfeiffer, Independent Director, Triple Line Advisory 
Gaston Trauffler, Head of Industrial Policy, Fedil 
Jean-Paul Scheuren, Founding Member, BlocHome 

Interview: Water the blue Gold 
Fabio Morvilli, President of Camera di Commercio Italo-Lussemburghese interviews
Paul Buchwitz, Senior Portfolio Manager Equity, DWS Luxembourg

Closing Speech
Daniel Capocci, FARAD Group General Manager

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After the conference there will be the "Charity Lunch" a privileged moment of networking with many experts and professional. Moreover each participants its presence will contribute to give a donation to below charities: 

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